Residential, Commercial & Outdoor Dumbwaiter Cost, Designs & Plans

Residential, Commercial & Outdoor Dumbwaiter Cost, Designs & Plans

Dumbwaiters have, in the past, been thought of as an item that only luxury residences contain, however, the installment of a dumbwaiter has significantly advantageous to a wide range of residences, high-end or otherwise. If you’re wondering, “What is a dumbwaiter?“, a dumbwaiter is a tiny elevator that is installed in your home to make it super easy to deliver things like groceries from one floor to another. With a push of a button, you can deliver 12 bags of groceries, or a bundle of firewood, or your laundry, or anything that will fit in the dumbwaiter elevator from one floor to another! This makes life so much easier for those with handicaps or disabilities to go about their normal daily lives, without the assistance of others.

Residential dumbwaiters are extremely useful in moving firewood from the basement to the living-room, food from the cooking area to areas on top floors, which can be extremely convenient if there is a person who is sick or bedridden, as food and dishes can be moved quickly and easily from the kitchen area, without the carer having to bring items up and down the stairs. Dumbwaiters are also a superb device for moving laundry from top levels in the home to the utility room or garage, which could be situated on a lower floor. You’ll get lots of use from an outdoor dumbwaiter in split-level homes as you can transfer your groceries really easily from the driveway to the kitchen area, which might be situated at top of a long stairway.

When deciding to have a dumbwaiter mounted, things you need to consider are cost as well as performance. You’ll want to figure out just how much weight you will need the dumbwaiter to lift. Many can sustain up to 500 pounds or even more with each lift lots. Lots of people have sought to install dumbwaiter escalators for carrying wheelchair bound relative to upper floors, as well as those with joint inflammation, or various other disorders that make flexibility, as well as the travel up and down staircases, difficult or painful. You’ll of course also want to identify where you will have your dumbwaiter mounted to give you the optimum positive effect. As an example, if you’re going to be using it for laundry transport, then you should definitely have it finish in your laundry room, or if you intend to use it to transport food, then having it finish in the kitchen area would be your finest alternative. No matter what the dumbwaiter cost though, don’t go cheap or DIY and get a manual dumbwaiter. They are just not worth the hassle! Be sure to read our other article on how to choose the best dumbwaiter design so you know which designs will work for your house or business.

Wherever you have it set up, a dumbwaiter in your house could aid to minimize a lot of leg work that could be involved in bringing things backwards and forwards up and down stairways to help those who could not help themselves. Dumbwaiters for residences have taken a great deal of stress off those that are looking after disabled member of the family, in addition to those that are handicapped themselves. By actually having a dumbwaiter installed, individuals with minimal movement or specials needs can begin to take back some of their self-reliance by not needing to rely on outside assistance or various other family members to help them with their day to day living demands.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming article on HOW TO INSTALL A DUMBWAITER that will give you everything you’ll need to successfully install a residential tr commercial dumbwaiter.